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The Inclusion & Diversity Pledge

The Inclusion & Diversity Pledge

What is the Inclusion & Diversity Pledge?

The Inclusion and Diversity Pledge is our free of charge initiative and public commitment to building a more inclusive Bedfordshire. We ask you to join us and commit to our pledge and champion the movement for inclusion, celebrate diversity and create a culture of belonging and empowerment. This is an opportunity to let our local community know that you are working towards a truly inclusive environment, where diversity is welcomed and valued, and therefore physical activity levels are increased.


Who can sign up to the Inclusion and Diversity Pledge?

In the simplest of terms… EVERYONE!

We understand that creating an inclusive and diverse Bedfordshire does not fall on us and us alone, but in fact we must work as a coalition of allies, working closely with our local community to build knowledge and understand the challenges, causes, and impacts that inequality is having in sport and physical activity. Although we recognise that some of us may not be the biggest of organisations, collectively we have a large reach and can make huge progress together in tackling inequalities and creating more inclusive practice. In turn, we ask not only your organisation or club to join us by signing the pledge, but we also encourage you to make a personal commitment to become a more well-rounded, educated, and inclusive individual.

Making your commitment:

To sign up to our Inclusion and Diversity commitment, and to continue to push the cultural shift of inclusion, we are asking you to write your own small inclusion statement to demonstrate how you intend on championing the movement. We appreciate and value that people, organisations, charities and clubs may have differing levels of commitments, and in turn we encourage and remind that even the smallest changes can make a huge difference, and nothing is too small.

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