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Supporting mentally healthy movement for Primary aged children

Stormbreak SURGE - helping pupils to take a step to better mental and physical health

What is Stormbreak SURGE?

Stormbreak SURGE is a school staff advocate training programme to make movement simple, inclusive and accessible and equip staff with the delivery confidence to incorporate mentally healthy movement strategies into the daily life of the whole school. It removes barriers to participation and enhances perceptions of the worth of movement in schools for teachers, staff and children, through the delivery of purposeful and intentional movement that is focussed on mental health and establishment of an effective whole school empowering environment. The Stormbreak SURGE programme leads a school community through the principles and practicalities of embedding stormbreak to ensure long lasting, impactful and sustainable change.

The 12 week Stormbreak SURGE pioneer school programme includes:
• Mentally healthy movement rationale and training
• Digital support through the stormbreak@home platform
• Support for shaping the school culture through 3 expert leadership sessions
• 5 school advocate network support sessions
• Wider whole school rollout session
• Half day practical workshop for school advocates
• 15 stormbreak comprehensive resource and delivery packs
• Access to library of pre-recorded stormbreak videos
• Opportunity to engage with ongoing research

Search the resources below to find out more

How Stormbreak is delivered in our school

A short video about how Stormbreak has been implemented and the impact it has made in a Bedford school

Are you a school in Bedford or Luton and interested in taking part in the next Strombreak SURGE training?

The total cost of the whole school training and resources is £1500 and this is an eligible use of your school's PE and Sport Premium funding.

If you are interested in joining us on our Stormbreak journey, please contact Gill Morrow gill@beactivebeds.co.uk

Are you a school in Central Bedfordshire and interested in taking part in Stormbreak SURGE training?

Be Active secured funding through Central Bedfordshire's Public Health Reserves to support 30 schools within their local authority to access Stormbreak's SURGE training programme.

The cost of the whole school training is usually £1500, but through Be Active, Central Bedfordshire schools pay only £500. This £500 is an eligible use of the PE and Sport Premium.

If you are a school in Central Bedfordshire and wish to join us, please contact Annelise Finlayson annelise@beactivebeds.co.uk