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We're committed to safeguarding the welfare of children, young people and adults by working to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all in Bedfordshire. Find Out More


Hosted by Redborne Upper School, the School Sports Partnership is committed to maximising the opportunities that are available to young people through Physiclal Activity, PE and School Sport.

We work with 57 partnership schools and actively promote the importance of health and wellbeing within these schools and their local communities.



A Virtual School Games Event for Central Beds Schools

Street Tag is a family-friendly game that turns your local area into a virtual playground to earn rewards for physical activity, such as walking, running, and cycling. It's a great way to stay active and explore local parks and green spaces.

With Covid-19 continuing to affect how we all work and how children study and commute to school, it's becoming more important to keep positive mental health and stay motivated to maintain a daily hour of exercise.

This year in 2022, Street Tag is very useful for supporting:

1. Positive mental health in these difficult times.

2. Keeping engaged and active at home by converting the family's steps movement into points for the school on the leaderboard.

3. Supporting your active travel plans for walking and cycling to local shops, school run, work, etc.

4. Supporting your hour of exercise plan a day, especially using Street Tag's Power Hour.

So far on Street Tag,

  • 25,000 active families account created on Street Tag
  • 8.9 million tags collected from walking and cycling
  • 2 Billion steps since April 2020 of the Covid-19 lockdown when we started support for steps tracking and conversion into points
  • 3,654,495 active miles (walked, ran, cycled)

This is how it works

Children, families, and school staff will sign up to represent their school on the Street Tag app to collect virtual points assigned to virtual tags that can be found and created all around them in the community and green spaces. Once you are within a 40-metre radius of any virtual tags, the app will automatically collect the points for you. Your steps can also be synced and converted into Street Tag points. These points add up in real-time on the schools' leaderboard, with performance bonus prizes to be won at the end of each season for the school PTA. With your support, we can encourage families to be more active, walking, cycling to school and in their various communities.

Next steps of action

It's easy to sign up!

1. Email meenakshi@streettag.co.uk or fill an online form at https://streettag.co.uk/schools to express your interest.

2. We will reply to your email or form within 48 hours, to provide you with your unique School Team QR code. A phone call will also be scheduled with you to answer any questions that you may have.

3. The Street Tag team will help you with all the instruction templates that you can share with parents, children, teachers, and staff to join the team. We do not want this to be extra work for you, physical activities should be fun and playful, we are available to assist with any templates that you may need. Last but not least, we have additional monthly virtual drop-in sessions that we run monthly for school teachers to attend and ask questions or learn from other schools.

Extra Details

After every school leaderboard season, £50 will be awarded to the PTA for the top three schools in each School Games Area.

Season 1 18th October – 19th January

Season 2 19th January – 12th April

Season 3 12th April – 7th July

Season 4 7th July – 9th September

At the end of each season we will also be awarding prizes for the top SGO Area

We look forward to receiving your email directly to meenakshi@streettag.co.uk or from the online form.

More information: https://streettag.co.uk/

StreetTag Leader Board Season 1